African Music

We're an African based music-tech company leveraging digital channels to collect data and streamline payments for independent artists, record labels and music publishers. Afrizikis’ mission is to promote the value of recorded African music, campaign for record producers' rights and expand the commercial uses of recorded music in all markets where its members operate.

Afriziki is a set of tools geared to help you unlock the next level of your artist(s) career.

AFRIZIKI opens the door to opportunities for African talents to publish, distribute, track and monetise their intellectual property as well as give global tastemakers and businesses the ability to easily discover and access the content.


Africa's First Data Driven Chart

We’ve created a RADIO MONITORING tool which tracks music played across broadcast media, with levels of accuracy that haven’t been seen before. We leverage compute power to identify and tabulate songs based on their performance on radio. The Afriziki [Billboard] Chart is the first Data Driven music industry standard record chart in Africa. Chart rankings are based on radio play per country and across the continent. The Charts are published weekly here.

70% of Africa still relies on RADIO as their main source of news and entertainment.

ONLY 2.6% of Africa is on streaming platforms. Radio still serves as the most effective way to promote music today. We are currently monitoring over 300 stations

We are currently monitoring 300+ radio stations in 10 African countries

Monitor your music
on Radio and TV

Afriziki informs you of every usage of your music in real time. This lets you know where your fanbase lies, where to increase marketing efforts, where to plan tours, what payments to expect or claim (from CMO’s and shows) and eventually, increase revenues.

To see the performance results of your music across Africa, create an account, claim existing/released music or upload your music catalog and view a detailed report on which radio station from which country has downloaded your music for airplay and when it played.

Powering a transparent
music industry

We know music is a collaborative art and we set out to create value for all collaborators. Our Smart Split Sheet feature makes the complicated task of assigning ownership and sharing revenue with collaborators automatic, transparent and effortless. Just send an invite to your producer, feature artists, session player or manager and you’ll never have to bother with manual payouts again.

Afriziki Distro

Radio stations and DJ's want your music

Radio still serves as the most effective way to promote music in Africa today. Key radio programming decision makers, radio station managers, program controllers and Radio DJs across Africa have been seeking high quality promotion music for broadcast but have resorted to illegal downloads and or receiving music via e-mail. Due to a lack of an aggregated source, Radio's taste making abilities have been limited.

Radio Stations and DJ’s, Hunt no more, We got you!

Get High Quality Music, Every day, directly from labels, artists, and producers.

For access to our complete library and to stay updated on new music that becomes available sign-up here.
Afriziki will also offer an integrated “interview/drops requests” feature, artists and artist managers can activate this and radio stations can request and schedule an interview or drops.